Long Island Travel Events Clearinghouse

There is now an easy-to-use ON-LINE electronic Calendar for use by the Travel industry for the purpose of eliminating event conflicts.


Go to http://my.calendars.net/travelevents.Just find the date of your event, click on the underlined number and fill in the mask:

§In the first box “Calendar Text” type the information to be displayed on the calendar

§Then type the times of the event

§Click Draw Border

§Use the drop down menu to pick the type of the event

§Type in the “Popup Text or URL link” box additional information such as Contact name/phone/email, venue address, etc.This box will pop-up when someone clicks on the calendar event shown.

§Click SUBMIT at the bottom of the page and you are done!

§If any changes or deletions are necessary please contact Lou Fenech at 631-563-3440 or lou@royalholiday.com for assistance.